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Get to know the top business leaders,
influencers and decision makers
face-to-face and make new connections.

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About us

VIP Billionaires

VIP Billionaires, as its name says, is a VIP club for the elite members of society.

It is where the most influential, rich and famous entrepreneurs meet and share their success stories. If you are an affluent and successful business man or an aspiring entrepreneur,

this app is for you.

By downloading the VIP Billionaires app, you get exclusive membership to the elite society.

This app is the first social media platform for the rich and wealthy. Through VIP Billionaires,

you get the chance to share your ideas, activities, and plans with people who understand you and have the same social status and interests as you.

This app will help you create and share an image of your life with people who matter by sharing photos of your daily life and activities. It helps you see how the other rich people do business, what activities they do, and what connections they have. Because success is hard to achieve and even harder to sustain, our app is only designed for distinguished people to connect with each other. IT helps you learn how successful and rich people got to where they are today; what chances they took and what lessons they learned.

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Nothing succeeds like success

The Worlds Largest Business Networking VIP App for Entrepreneurs

The creation of VIP Billionaires was based on a very detailed study of the world's richest people of all time and how they made and more importantly kept their fortunes.


We know how important it is to build your network. That's why we built a VIP App where you can connect with like-minded entrepreneurs, advisors and investors for feedback, support and collaboration


We believe every man should surround himself with groups of successful and driven individuals in order to foster their business, make solid connections and to be at the forefront of every trend. and that's why we created this club.


this club is exclusively created for the elite who are achievers in life. This exclusive club is where the elite can freely meet and interact with each other in their comfort zones. 


The opportunity to meet the top business leaders, influencers and decision makers face-to-face on a regular basis with a structured events program. 

We are building in Tokyo the first real global business network for entrepreneurs to make new connections and do business with each other.


Here at VIP Billionaires we are hell-bent on becoming one of the largest millionaires community in the world.

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